Cristina Sá

Lives and works in Sao Paulo. Graduated in Interior Architecture and History of Arts at the Escola Panamericana de Artes, studied with masters like Maciel Babinski, Pedro Algaza and Philip Hallawell. She develops an original paintwork using artisan papers, and mostly the ones with oriental origins. Her works dwells between the painting and the collage, bound in a perfect way by a technique that was developed by her, with original and awe-inspiring results. Conceptually she mix the orient and the west in a exceptional way. Full of poetry and of and unparallel hability, creating a new world, full of magic, cementing her own techniques.

In the last 10 years she participated of many group and solo shows. Including ones in museums and institutions. Besides that, she has participated of many art fairs. Her work was already awarded many times and is present in important private and institutional collections.