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Gabriela Mutti

Born in 1995 in Brasília, she is a graduate in Visual Arts from the University of Brasília. Her quest through production is inspired by the dialogue between marginal craftsmanship and factory production that nourishes symbols of institutions of power, such as medals, ribbons and coats of arms that have lost their function. The artist revisits this material creating three-dimensional pieces of rare beauty, permeated with great civic-social-political connotation. In 2019, she opens her first solo exhibition at Karla Osorio Gallery, “The weight of the Land, Memory”, where she presents 6 series and an installation that stimulate reflections on the occupation of Brazilian territory, national flag symbols, constructivism, and intuitive craftsmanship. She participated in group exhibitions such as # 16. ART and # 17.ART curated by Suzete Venturelli in 2017 and 2018 in MUN – National Museum of the Republic – DF; At the Show FUGA and PILASTRA in 2018 at Atelier Valéria Pena Costa; “Momento a Momento” at Sesc Garagem 713 South in 2016; “Mascaras” production by InActu – Espaço 406 UNB in 2014.