The exhibition contains works made during the first lockdown of 2020 in which the artist was “stuck” in the city of Porto. Precisely two years later, in March 2022, this set of pieces are shown with previous and also new works, contextualizing this research and artistic practice. The show may be visited until March 25th.

Garcia Dutra is inspired by two inteletuals to think this exhibition, the philosopher Vilém Flusser, and the Brazilian writer Guimarães Rosa.

“Language has the power to establish reality and is prior to it, in the sense of “in the
beginning was the Word”. In this sense, it is also prior to the poet. the poet does not create
language, but create within it and with it. That’s why every language imposes its reality
specific, and the poet must try to identify with the specificity of his language
if you want to participate in your creative process. A fortiori this is the case of Portuguese,
whose very essence is its plasticity”

(FLUSSER, 2007, p.129-130).

See the works and installation views in the link: