Siwaju (1997) was born in São Paulo, currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

Her sculptural practice explores the relationship between time and various ecologies. Through the repurposing of donated, collected, and recycled steel pieces obtained from periodic visits to recycling centers, her works establish an intimate and direct connection with Brazilian three- dimensional thought. By creating relationships between matter, the cosmos, visible and invisible energies, the object and its surroundings, and between the sculptural body and space, her work operates within a temporal dimension of spirals and movements of expansion and retrospection, activating Afro-diasporic knowledge.

A student and researcher in Visual Arts at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Siwaju was an artist at the EAV Parque Lage sculpture studio, and has participated in the 2022 Training and Deformation Program and ELÃ at the Escola Livre de Artes do Galpão Bela Maré. Among the group exhibitions she participated in during 2023 are “Direito à Forma”, Galeria Fonte in Inhotim; “Contra-Flecha: Arqueia, mas não quebra”, Galeria Almeida e Dale (SP), and” Vento Pórtico: Fragmento I”,t Nonada (RJ). She was one of the five artists awarded the Parque Cultural Casa do Governador Prize (Vila Velha, ES-2023) for her first public and permanent sculpture, OJIJI. In 2024, she inaugurated her first solo exhibition “Ainda incandescente, um vestígio no espaço”, curated by Melissa Alves, at Galeria Karla Osorio in Brasília.