Epidermises memory, the first solo exhibition of São Paulo artist Cristina Sá in Brasilia, brings together paintings and unpublished drawings, designed in its original technique of collage, overlay handmade paper on canvas, creating innovative compositions poetic connecting the East to the West. The exhibition is open to visitors until the 19th of November, by appointment.

As underscores the critical Angélica de Moraes, “the delicacy of his work suggests and insinuates more than exhaustively says something … the focus of its creation descended from the tradition of the “floating world” (Ukiyo-e), the traditional engraving Japanese made from woodblocks (woodcut). This technique, thick lines and soft colors, takes place on flat surfaces without any prospect of suggestion and inventive graphic patterns (geometric patterns).

The artist updates this tradition, making his compositions in a symbiosis between painting and printmaking through collage technique. The linen fabric joins and mingles with the fiber of patterned oriental paper fragments, it rips and incorporates the set, creating “skins” of sophisticated artwork. These, in turn (this last game and this happens all the time in her work) recall the patterns of silk kimonos and its fine fabric overlays.

Paper fragments, incorporated into the surface of the painting, including patterns, mandalas and fractal arising from computer graphics processes and scanning and playback earning digital color before printing and cut out to regain physicality and integrate the composition pictorial. There is an obvious fascination these interventions traits and colors made by the artist on the computer screen and then land on the canvas, adding technology of the electronic age to one of the oldest artistic techniques of art history. This fusion of worlds lies one of the most striking poetic qualities of Cristina Sá’s work. A work that discusses the world’s skin and the boundaries of the other. Something that seeks the necessary breathing pores and interfaces between cultures. “

About the artist

Cristina Sá lives and works in São Paulo. Degree in Interior Architecture and History of Art at the Pan American School of Arts studied with masters like Maciej Babinski, Peter and Philip Algaza Hallawell. Develops original paint job using handmade papers, especially from the East. His work is between painting and collage, fused mode mayor with technique developed by it, the result is beautiful and original. Conceptually blend East and West in an exceptional way, with a lot of poetry and unparalleled skill, creating a new world full of magic, consolidating technique that it’s very own.

In the past 10 years he has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, including museums and institutions, and has had his work in various art fairs. He received numerous awards for his work, which is already present in private and institutional collections important.

WALL # 3

In parallel, “WALL, in its 3rd edition, features large graphite panel artist Gabriel Marx, known on the streets by PLIC, developing artwork in various media. He was one of the members of the largest urban art project held in Brasilia today: ART RADICAL in ECCO- Cultural Contemporary in 2012. In the project “World Fantastic Streets” PLIC transforms the urban space in a playful and joyful environment through paintings and graffiti. The works are devised and implemented taking into account the architectural aspects, urban and social reality of the place chosen to house the action / work. The artist has performed urban interventions in different parts of Brazil and some parts of the world, such as Copenhagen (Denmark), Rome (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Vienna (Austria), among others. The WALL open space for young artists to develop urban intervention works to be partially made in interactivity with the audience, approaching the creative process.