José Ivacy

(1962, Morada Nova-MG)
Since the 1980s he has been working intensively with works that feature craftsmanship and the manipulation of various materials, mainly wood and metals. Visible in his paintings and objects, a complex set of geometric and organic shapes, following their own path in the field of inventiveness. He participated in several collective exhibitions by artists in Brasília and is currently dedicated to his studio work in Sobradinho. Ivacy creates a unique constructive project with works, outside and inside any proposed space, unprecedented and transcendent rare contributions such as those of Celso Renato, Emanuel Nassar and Marcone Moreira. Artists who don’t know what it’s like to be afraid of having and of the transforming and transmuting “king time”. They take advantage of their deconstruction and reinvent themselves, reinventing painting by escaping the formalist trap. Ivacy frees painting as an object with extraordinary courage and daring, making matter and time a Unity in Poetry.