Daisy Xavier

Born in 1952 in Rio de Janeiro, where she lives and works. She has a degree in psychology and psychoanalysis and the approach to her works is based on the concern with the limits, identities and alterities of the human body. Whether by the deconstruction or by the re-creation of forms and concepts. The artist creates images of a strong poetic load, where the body ceases to be merely physical and begins to represent personal, social and political uneasiness, whereas by the deconstruction or by the recreation of established forms and concepts. Elements like mesh and water are recurring to the artist’s works – like videos, photos, installations, paintings or drawings. The elements do not let define what is inside or outside, creating interchangeable fields, constantly changing. In 2010 she was nominated for the 2010 Pipa Awards and since the 1980s she participates in individual and groups shows both in Brazil and overseas.