Hassan Bourkia

Born December 19, 1956 in El Ksiba / Beni Mellal. He is a writer, translator and painter. Lives and works in Beni Mellal and Marrakech. Since 1982, publications hundreds of articles (philosophical and literary) in various Moroccan and international newspapers and magazines, notably in: Al Karmal, Al Quds, Maghrebian Horizons, Mediterranean, The French Review, The Arab Contemporary Thought, Arabs and Universal Thought; Since 1996, provides cover for novels, collections of poetry and cultural posters in: Editions Afrique Orient (House), Morocco Writers Union (Rabat), Ministry of Culture (Rabat / Beni Mellal). He is considered the “poet of Moroccan artists” and is recognized worldwide. Participated in several international Biennials, including this moment is one of the highlights of BIENALSUR 2019, in Buenos Aires, where he shares a pavilion with famous Italian artist Michêlangelo Pistoletto. He has works in several public and private collections around the world, especially Palais Royal. (Morocco); New York ; Ipsach, Grenchen, Zurich (Switzerland). Vila Real, Evora (Portugal). Modène (Italy). Toulouse, Paris (France). Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira, Béni Mellal (Maroc). Congrès Supreme of Culture (Egypte). Musée d’Art, Marrakech. Musée National d’Art Moderne, Rabat; L’OON, Casablanca (Morocco); La Societe Generale, Casablanca (Maroc); EMAAR, Dubai (UAE); Ministry of Finance, Rabat (Morocco); L’Academy Royale, Rabat (Morocco); Ministry of l’Intérieur, Rabat (Maroc); Ministry of Culture, Rabat (Morocco); La CDG, Rabat (Morocco); Marocaine des Droits Association of L’Homme, Rabat (Morocco); La Banque du Maroc, Rabat (Maroc); Ministry of Culture, Amman (Jordan); Syndicat des artistes Jordaniens (Amman); La CNIA Assurances, Casablanca; Col.Essaadi, Marrakech (Morocco); Hotel Mansour, Marrakesh (Morocco)