Galeria Karla Osorio presents a solo exhibition “ARQUEOLOGIA DA MATÉRIA”, by José Ivacy Souza
Gallery 1, 2, 3 and 6 Pavilions I and III
Opening, Saturday, 13 August 2022, brunch, 10am-3pm

Galeria Karla Osorio presents the solo exhibition ”ARQUEOLOGIA DA MATÉRIA” by the artist José Ivacy Souza, which will open on August 13, Saturday, between 10 am and 3 pm, with the presence of the artist.
The artist José Ivacy Souza presents an archeology of matter that flows in counterpoint to a poetics of transubstantiating the ordinary by transforming it into the extraordinary.

About the exhibition See below a short curatorial text by Bené Fonteles
There is in José Ivacy’s art a certain and subtle inheritance of the voluptuousness of the Baroque that mixes with the essential constructive natural will of the rock and the indigenous, with the exuberant and atavistic strength of the African and the mestizo vocation that makes us so original and true Brazilians. born. We are permeated by the dreams and horizontal embraces of several continents that have invaded us and also evoke a happy universal androphagy of people eating cultures of other different peoples. In all of this, a project that is unique to us as a sophisticated, poetic myth in a brazen and vertical aesthetic that contemplates all the arts that never ceased to be afro-indigenous in the baroque, sometimes rustic and cabocla, from the sertanejo to the coast and to the migratory and raw limits. of the urban.
An archeology of matter flows in counterpoint to a poetics of transubstantiating the ordinary by transforming it into the extraordinary. If this is already the artist’s alchemical role in his workshop of the dense state to give lightness to things, José Ivacy has more than artisanal wisdom of exquisite mastery in dealing with the visual poet with the passage of time on all the objectual things that cause him alumbrations. His punctual and accurate findings of wood and how he cuts them and assumes their randomness and inaccuracies and fuses them to the cold of the concrete, turns not only the processed material into transcended matter.
Ivacy educates our almost untouched senses and ennobles our almost tactile gaze and sensitizes our naked soul and clothes our mind addicted to seeing what we think is a “work of art” appear to be of art and finished in itself. One work of his continues singing polyphonic in another and is so in itself in its diverse and vast solitude in an ecstatic dialogue with everything that is more sensitive and sensorial.
Everything that has already been said in Art by the master painters and sculptors for millennia, shines in their works with renewed and thriving and transcendent fires.
In Ivacy’s works, more than “works”, it rests between tension and intension, a desire to be paying tribute to those who made us more human with their creative and spiritual craft by making art what only the gods do. José does it with the most visceral and essential elements from his rock references to contemporary influences.
Ivacy is an obsessive and voracious witness to what has always been, is and will be the eternal now. His archeology of a memory that seeks us whole and intense in an “ancestral future”, points to an eternity impregnated and consolidated in dense matter, but which dances agilely, giving voice to the voices of the will for lightness.

About the artist (1962, Morada Nova-MG)
Since the 1980s he has been working intensively with works that feature craftsmanship and the manipulation of various materials, mainly wood and metals. Visible in his paintings and objects, a complex set of geometric and organic shapes, following their own path in the field of inventiveness. He participated in several collective exhibitions by artists in Brasília and is currently dedicated to his studio work in Sobradinho. Ivacy creates a unique constructive project with works, outside and inside any proposed space, unprecedented and transcendent rare contributions such as those of Celso Renato, Emanuel Nassar and Marcone Moreira. Artists who don’t know what it’s like to be afraid of having and of the transforming and transmuting “king time”. They take advantage of their deconstruction and reinvent themselves, reinventing painting by escaping the formalist trap. Ivacy frees painting as an object with extraordinary courage and daring, making matter and time a Unity in Poetry.

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– “ARQUEOLOGIA DA MATÉRIA” individual by José Ivacy Souza Curator: Bené Fonteles Galerias 1, 2, 3 and 6 Pavilions I and III
Opening: Saturday, August 13, between 10am-3pm. Visitation until September 26, Friday
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