Moroccan artist HASSAN BOURKIA, was the Artist in residency at Galeria Karla Osorio in Brasilia for almost 40 days. During this period, Bourkia undertook a great process of research and creation of new works inspired by his experience in Brazil, where he came for the first time. The result is nearly thirty three-dimensional works with painting and sculpture. The artist, one of the most famous in Morocco, used very original technique with organic materials such as: ashes, lime, earth, egg and various found objects (wood, iron etc ..). The exhibition “WAYS OF THE MATTER” as a result of his artistic residency in the country is currently on display at Galeria Karla Osório until October 25th.

Until November the artist considered the “poet of Moroccan artists” and recognized worldwide, is also in another major event in Latin America, as it was the highlight of BIENALSUR 2019, in Buenos Aires, where he shares a pavilion with Michelangelo Pistoletto.