Galeria Karla Osorio presents a solo exhibition “AVESSO DO OCASO”, by Álvaro de Santana
Gallery 6 Pavilion III
Opening, Saturday, 02 July 2022, brunch, 10am-3pm

Galeria Karla Osorio presents the solo exhibition “AVESSO DO OCASO” by the artist Álvaro de Santana, which will open on Saturday, July 2nd, between 10 am and 3 pm, in brunch for the public, with the presence of the artist. Álvaro de Santana presents a set of unpublished works, acrylic paintings on canvas representative of his painting process in dialogue with the word.

about the exhibition
This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in a gallery and brings together 10 new, recent works whose thinking is very well represented by the text authored by the artist himself below:
“What happens when we think things upside down? And when we talk about the reverse of art?
In this context, the reverse is the thing itself, placed opposite the opposite of its original concept. The “Avesso do Ocaso” is the process of rising to another place, of putting yourself in a new perspective, observing the world with different eyes. Through a thought that walks in the intricacies of the philosophy of art, Álvaro de Santana explores a semiotic game, where he elaborates conversations between the image and the word, in which the latter provides the conceptual north of the work. In a constant process of searching for words that catch his attention, either by their sound or by their meaning, the artist creates most of the works with a dialogue that brings to life new signifiers, which they intend to live as new signs. In a simple and unpretentious procedure, an empty place is shown to the spectator, who can be thrown at it, as he is not given his story, nor the route to arrive. A mixture of mystery and solitude generates the loss of the notion of time and space. The words “Ádito” and “Ocaso” are examples: from their meanings, they enter the painting process, inscribed on the canvas or just suggested. They are the beginning of the pictorial process. One talks about sanctuaries, hidden places, the other talks about the fall, about the movement of the sun that retreats. They are put in check, as the name of the exhibition suggests: sunset is contradicted, turned inside out”

about the artist
Álvaro de Santana (1993) lives and works in the Federal District. Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Brasília (UnB). He began his visual research in 2012 at the university, when he had contact with multiple languages, such as painting, engraving and assemblage, expanding his plastic space and being able to experiment more freely. His main focus is oil painting and in his research he seeks to make intimate associations between word and image, emptiness and mystery, meaning and signifier. When elaborating his body of work, he works on some conceptual fronts, ranging from the intimate representation of what he feels to be Brazilian, to the elaboration of metaphorical and dreamy compositions of empty spaces and jars positioned in niches made in supposed walls of supposed places, where he makes a game association between word and image. He had solo shows such as: “Expo-Pretexto”, Galeria Olho de Águia Taguatinga (2018); “Voltas na Fita digital exhibition”, Guava Galery (2021) and “Presenças e Rastros”, Public Prosecutor’s Office – MPDFT/ Samambaia (2022). ), ”Beyond the Shape”, Casa do Cantador, Ceilândia; “Of those who inhabit Chronicles – FAU/UnB Gallery”; “From Cuttings to Micro-Invasion”, Caixa d’Água Cultural Space, Taguatinga – DF; (2017); ”Of those who inhabit Chronicles”, at the FAU Gallery, UnB; “BURAQUEIRA”, Espaço Objeto Found and “What is the name of your Contemporary Art Exhibition?” Espaço Piloto Gallery/UnB, Brasília (2019).

“AVESSO DO OCASO” solo exhibition by Álvaro de Santana Location: Galerias 6 Pavilion III Service

The show takes place in parallel with two more exhibitions opening on the same day.
– “RIVERS MEMORY: SACRED PLACES” solo show by Rõmulo Andrade – Galleries 1, 2 and 3 Pavilion I
– “HIATUS” solo exhibition by Graziela Guardino Curated by Carolina Lauriano – Galleries 4 and 5 Pavilion II

Opening: Saturday, July 2nd, between 11am-6pm Visitation until August 8th.
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