Galeria Karla Osorio presents  exhibition “Do Sagrado e do Profano”

Collective with works by 11 Brazilian artists

Alex Cerveny,  Ana Mazzei,  Élle de Bernardini,  Moisés Patrício,  Paulo Lobo,  Regina Silveira,  Renato Rios,  Rodrigo Garcia Dutra,   Selva de Carvalho,  Verena Smit and  Zé Carlos Garcia

Curator Fernando Mota Gallery 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Pavilions I and II | Brasília (June 19–July 31, 2021)

The opening will be June 19, Saturday, between 10am and 6pm, by appointment via DM Instagram, whatsapp or email.






“The Good Hope”, 2020
Cotton fabric painted with charcoal, drawing in ash and dry pastel, embroidered in thread and filled with scraps of recycled fabrics
200 x 160 cm

For a unique experience, see the work by listening to the artist.
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She tells us that:
“Since time immemorial, the serpent has carried a very powerful symbology, associated simultaneously with the cosmos and chaos, with the heavenly world of rainbows and the underworld of earth and vaporous rifts.
Seen as a beast, to be cut off by the legendary classic heroes and cursed and demonized by the Christian father, it is still revered today by indigenous and traditional peoples as an original force, generator of life.
It received many names, many skins and faces that populate our dreams and imagination.
“The Good Hope” starts from a desire to add to this fertile imagery and to these different cosmovisions, but in the sense of destroying the existing narratives guided and structured in a patriarchal system that submits life, bodies and subjectivities to a controlling hegemonic thought and explorer of lives and their most diverse manifestations.
“The Good Hope” is a green serpent strangling a grayish white phallus. The space where the act of constriction and suffocation takes place is a dark sphere of charcoal shaped by the body of the serpent that gains different layers of fabric and nuances of embroidery as it approaches the phallus. It is the very sphere, base and structure.
The hope is that the spiral will not cease and that the absorption and transformation will take place from this entry into the snake’s dark body”.



Papers cut into individual oval spheres, drawn in graphite, embroidered in line, joined at seams, wrapped, filled, structured and penetrated by fabrics
200 x 250 cm

Says the artist:
“ Starting from “Good Hope” and the red line that runs through it, I started to draw relationships on paper with other spheres and spaces of crossing.
“I (trance), you trance, we transit” speaks of these inhabited spheres transited by the I in constant intercourse with the forces of life.
This particular trance began with an identification or incorporation of the earthworm state of being, state of still soft and creeping fertilization.
Each sphere gained body and structure from the graphite design that was, little by little and in parts, filled with embroidery threads and then with the red fabric that, at the same time that wraps them, crosses them.
In the end, the dark fabric that also penetrates them delimits the field and creates links between each of the spheres”


«Earth and Sky Textures»
Branches, leaves, bones, feathers, vines, tree bunches and reused fabrics
Various formats
To walk around a bit, hear the artist speak so deeply.
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“It has bone, feather, vine, bunch and palm leaf, branch, araucaria leaf, all dressed and tied in fabric and thread. It has cotton and synthetic fabric as well. A mixture of a little bit of meat from the land and a little bit of manufactured meat.
I think that we are a little or a lot of this mixture, of this diversity of subjects that inhabit us and that the mixture also has a bit of encounter, or that it happens in the encounters of all bodies.
In my wanderings around, usually in the woods, I always find something. It can be tiny, dry or wet, broken anyway, I usually collect it and take it to the studio. I look for a “right” place or corner for everything. Some I place on the altar, some on my worktable, some on the floor, some become dance “partners” or movement proponents, and many I hang to see how the wind talks to them.
The “textures of earth and sky” are part of an exercise in imagining, weaving, creating relationships and incorporating new forms of life from the encounters that happen to us”