Galeria Karla Osorio presents the group show DYNAMIC SYNTHESIS IV, its traditional
year-end exhibition. This time we gathered works by sixteen artists, all participated in
exhibitions in the gallery over the last 2 years: Alexandre Furcolin, Alice Yura,
Almandrade, Álvaro Santana, Bené Fonteles, Daisy Xavier, Daniel Escobar, José Ivacy,
Josiane Dias, Marcelo Brodsky, Matheus Marques Abu, Moisés Patricio, Paulo Lobo,
Ricardo Homen, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra and Verena Smit.

The exhibition presents the diversity of the gallery program, emphasizing several
generations, techniques and different origins of the artists, but emphasizing the
synchronicity and excellent dialogue between all.

The curatorial proposal of the gallery has been increasingly focused on bringing
together artists whose research is innovative, with dense proposal so in geometry,
abstraction, poetry or themes engaged as issues of freedom, race and gender.

Despite the works so distinct there is between them a very powerful relationship and a
chain of affinities. Most artists have had solo shows at the gallery in the past, several
also participated in the artistic residency program on site, staying weeks in creative
production process in the gallery studio.

Now is the time fo you to witness a dense dialogue between them, through various