The Karla Osorio Gallery presents the exhibition “Give Wings to Snakes,” a solo show by the artist Selva de Carvalho.

About the exhibition


Selva de Carvalho is the name/double/body created by Stephanie de Carvalho Klabin. And this data is important for understanding the work created by the artist and that makes up the installation proposal presented at the stand. In it, Selva creates a possibility for us to think about the possibilities of transit between bodies, creating hybrid relationships between the memory of the body and the landscape, whether internal or external.

Indeed, it is on this threshold that the artist’s work is established, as we can see in “Ex-Fears Beloved”, a series of 108 drawings in ink, dry pastel, oil stick and watercolor pencil that the artist composes figures that arise from the relationship between memory, dream , unconscious, mythology, feminine, seeking healing relationships for a body in transformation. By dealing with these internal beasts as a place of appeasement, Selva invites us to put our bodies in motion, expanding our perceptions of ourselves and our surroundings.

And it is in this expansion of the body that Selva even expands her work to other materialities, giving a greater dimension to the body, now in relation to architecture and space. This occupation movement allows us to think about an idea of shared and interchangeable bodies, which remain in a constant state of adaptation as a form of learning. How to dress these other bodies that the artist proposes puts us in a state of exchange, where something is always taken and something is left. For Selva, wearing what is strange to us, what repels us, that puts us in a state of attention is exactly where we find a place of freedom for our body. It is from this discomfort that places of empowerment are created.

Carollina Lauriano

About the artist

Selva de Carvalho is the name/double/body created by Stephanie de Carvalho Klabin (1986, São Paulo, SP). Graduated in Fine Arts (2009) from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP. After graduation, she coordinated education and sustainability projectswith schools, NGOs and companies. She started her work as a visual artist in 2019, having embroidery and drawing as a base.She also transits through the arts of the body / performan- ce. In her research, she Ex-plores the materiality, Ex-pressiveness and becoming of fabrics, lines, papers, words and bodies – visible and invisible, human and non- human – and the organic, symbolic and fantastic relationships between them. Currently participates in the artistic orientation group, GOA, under the supervision of Ana Paula Cohen and Thiago Honório. She participated in the following group Ex-hibitions: 2021, “Of the sacred and the profane’’ Galeria Karla Osorio, Brasilia, Brazil. Curated by Fernando Mota; 2019, Edicule Project, São Paulo, Brazil. Curated by Fernando Mota; 2019, “Anatomy of a coEx-istence” Galeria Rabieh, São Paulo, Brazil. Curated by Carla Chaim, Nino Cais and Marcelo Amorim; 2019, “Imagined Futures, Reconstructed Pasts” Lamb Art Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil. Curated by Carollina Laureano; 2019 “ Deck” Casa Parte / Hermes Visual Arts. São Paulo, Brazil. Curated by Carla Chaim, Nino Cais and Marcelo Amorim; 2019 “On the first day on the ninth fl oor” Galeria Lamb Art. São Paulo, Brazil Curated by Carla Chaim, Nino Cais and Marcelo Amorim She was artist- in- residence at Kaaysá Art Residency, São Sebastião, São Paulo in 2019. In 2022, he had a solo show at Botanic School/ SP, curated by Ana Carolina Ralston. Her works have been presented in the international art fairs such as ARTRio, SPArte, India Art Fair, Este Arte/Uruguay. Her works are in private and public collections, including at MAR – Museu de Arte do Rio and at Museum of Fie Arts in Rio de Janeiro, selected by Paulo Herkenhoff. She did his residency at Espaço Fonte in 2022- 23. Drawing and embroidery are important bases for the unfolding of her poetics, also moving through the arts of the body, dance and gesture. His most recent research investigates the structural and symbolic relationships between these languages, the possibilities of configuring matter and the embodiment of an oneiric and fanciful universe.