Galeria Karla Osorio presents a solo exhibition
“HIATUS”, by Graziela Guardino
Curated by Carollina Lauriano
Galleries 4 and 5 Pavilion II

Opening, Saturday, July 02, 2022, brunch, 10am-3pm

Galeria Karla Osorio presents a solo exhibition, “HIATUS” by the artist Graziela Guardino, curated by Carollina Lauriano, which will open on Saturday, July 2nd, between 10 am and 3 pm, in brunch for the public, with the presence of the artist and the curator .
Graziela has lived in Australia for over 10 years and this will be her first solo show in the gallery that represents her.
Her research is about three-dimensional painting, exploring the potential of the structure of the canvas itself (chassis and fabric). Her work is conceived in a minimalist universe that investigates the binary forces that life presents, using a more restricted palette of colors, ambiguously portraying dichotomous experiences such as absence and presence, darkness and light, fragility and resistance.

about the exhibition
Curator Carollina Lauriano wrote about the exhibition and the full text of her curatorial text follows:
“Time is an extremely relative concept that the human being tries to understand, from the invention of the clock, through the sermons of Saint Augustine, to the modern approaches of Marcel Proust’s literature and Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. In her first solo exhibition at the gallery, Graziela Guardino tackles the subject through twelve new works, which appear between painting and installation.
Hiatus talks about this time in suspension between two events, and the void that is established in this period. And so is the artist’s work, which starts from the deconstruction of linen, resignifying the support and materiality of both painting and textile works. In this sense, Graziela uses the opposite path expected for the construction of the two works: instead of adding layers, she removes them.
His experimentation with color, form, material and composition transforms the idea of ​​weaving from a two-dimensional element to an architectural component that challenges the limits, not only of support, but also of space. Developing her works in the field of experimental art, optical abstraction and post-minimalism, lines of hers seem to be always unconsciously testing the boundaries between the worked object and the artwork.
It is in this undoing of the plots that the artist’s work reveals itself. Graziela’s woven painting-sculptures are the result of experimentation and studies of materials forming a unique visual language of minimalist abstraction that is based on deconstruction as a way of expanding new possibilities for reading about reconnection, the feminine and ancestry.
In this sense, Graziela does not give up the procedural, identity and mystical baggage associated with textile work. On the contrary, she freely chooses to incorporate into the world of contemporary art her inquiries regarding this support and the interpretations that it still succinct in our imagination. It is a knowledge that, oblivious to its subaltern condition, produced systematic abstract composition long before suprematism, a knowledge that inscribes intangible concrete and conceptual symbols. And that here, Graziela traces our way of thinking about this construction, from ancestry to the contemporary.
However, this last concept has been rescued in the field of art, as a form of revision, after all there will be no future without rethinking our past. And the hiatus that Graziela Guardino talks about is exactly that. A pause for reflection. A breath amidst a changing world, which requires not only time, but a willingness to assimilate and change perspectives. As if the artist made us achieve a sensation of fluctuation, that time was suspended in an infinite space of possibilities”.

about the artist
Graziela Guardino investigates the binary forces that life presents. Her work consists of a restricted color palette, ambiguously depicting dichotomous experiences such as absence and presence, darkness and light, fragility and resistance: notions that accompany human existence. Consequently, her paintings offer a visual metaphor for how these opposing dualities can exist simultaneously and cause questioning and understanding in our lives. Through a process of experimentation, construction, deconstruction, cutting, painting, thread pulling and sewing, symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes are created and juxtaposed evoking a sense of space, volume and distance while textures and layers reveal the degree of psychological responses of such individuals. experiences. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Graziela lives and works in Sydney, Australia. His recent solo exhibitions include The Breath of an Empty Space, Hong Kong Visual Art Centre, Not as dark as a silent house, Rubicon Gallery, Melbourne and Finite Infinity, May Space Gallery, Sydney. Her work has also been included in prestigious art awards in Australia such as The Churchie Emerging Art Prize, Muswellbrook Art Prize and Fisher’s Ghost Award. Graziela completed her Masters and Research with Merit and Distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2017.

– “HIATUS” solo exhibition by Graziela Guardino Curated by Carolina Lauriano – Galleries 4 and 5 Pavilion II

The show takes place in parallel with two more exhibitions opening on the same day.
– “MEMÓRIA DOS RIOS: LUGARES SAGRADOS” individual by Rõmulo Andrade – Galleries 1, 2 and 3 Pavilion I
– “AVESSO DO OCASO” solo show by Álvaro de Santana – Gallery 6 Pavilion III

Opening: Saturday, July 2nd, between 11am-6pm Visitation until August 8th.
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