Karla Osorio gallery is pleased to anounce its participation at India Art Fair 2022. For the fourth time the brazilian gallery is in New Delhi, now presenting the works of 6 artists (5 brazilian and 1 Indian) Alexandre Furcolin, Asim Waqif, Bené Fonteles, Graziela Guardino, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra and Selva de Carvalho.

The booth will present a poetic and powerful narrative, around nature and transcendence, research on the rescue of visceral forces, with an attentive eye to architecture, science and its deep relations with art. From delicate works, in fabric or embroidery (Graziela and Selva), through abstract paintings with geometry and three-dimensionality (Rodrigo Garcia Dutra and Alexandre Furcolin) to poignant works in raw material, heavy, dense and delicate structures at the same time (Bené and Asim Waqif). Nature is a common link between all and it will enhance this unusual encounter !

click here to see the preview: