Body, brief moment – Until April 23, 2019

Karla Osorio Gallery presents solo show of João Trevisan, who is  represented from now on. Curatorship: Malu Serafim.

The exhibition gathers pictorical and sculptural works. From a rhythmic connection, the artist constructs situations that challenge the interaction between body, work and space, floating between the dimensions and leading to a recognition of ourselves before the work of art, to what extent our body interacts and is left contaminated by these new bodies. These tactile interludes compose a meticulous and rhythmic work, with a synesthetic proposition of listening to the visible, as well as the modules that integrate the sculptures. The compositions develops a score that allows the elevation of language and the clash of the imagination.

The shadows of a bodily conflict create such an intimate relationship with the object that it is possible to hear its own need. The artist exists as an instrument for the matter to construct its own form, respecting its balance, its weight and the limit of the bodies that interact, all the clash, the silence is perpetuated. Between closing your eyes to see and covering your ears to listen resists the viscerality of consciousness.