About the exhibition

First solo exhibition of young artist Marco Ribeiro, born in Bahia and living in Ceará, brings together over 40 works produced between 2015 and 2016. Works in ink and mixed media on paper and on canvas make up the bulk of the production of the artist who masterfully performs paintings and drawings of great technical mastery and beautiful plastic composition. The main series is DESCONCRETE, influenced by brutalist architecture.

The opening, created by the host Karla Osorio and Claudia Solomon integrate an interactive and multiple creative event, bringing together visual arts, fashion, design and urban art (graffiti). It will be a real happening with participation in parallel stylist Carol Nemoto (MIWA) and urban artist Alerrandro Rodrigues.


Words of the curator

Janet Vollebregt, Dutch architect, living in Brazil, says: “When the gallerist Karla Osorio showed me the work of Marco Ribeiro, for the first time, I immediately felt attracted. pure forms relate to the tranquility trying to achieve balance in art and architecture. The materialization of Ribeiro’s work reminds me of traditional architectural drawings made by architects before the Auto-CAD and Revit. The drawings were made by hand with classic Rotring ink pens. Even using drawing boards and rules were handmade and were more animated appearance than the drawings on computer and printed on the machine. In these drawings, surfaces were labeled with different structures of many fine lines to explain the type of material in a certain part of the construction. There was a codebook indicating distances between the lines, sometimes broken, dashed other.

This is exactly why, that Marco Ribeiro work resembles traditional architectural designs. It has its liveliness, but also represents the abstraction. often works with many fine lines, handmade. The fact that the lines are not perfectly straight, makes the surfaces come alive. Other series, especially ‘Desconcreto’, focuses on the use of concrete as a building material in the Brazilian Brutalist architecture. The artist, however, takes the material out of its constructive context and floats on paper almost sensuous or artificially. His work vibrates architecture, but his drawings do not represent buildings or parts of it. Coming from 20 years of experience in advertising as a graphic designer and advertising, the artist must have felt the need to move from harsh commercial printing work designed to more lively and soft hand. In the advertising world, it is not easy to find a place for the very expression of subtle and loving handiwork of authorial order. As an artist who is, Marco began to devote himself entirely to his lofty designs, beautiful vehicle to express that less is more “


About the artist Marco Ribeiro

The graphics of the artist reflect a look back to the poignant discontinuity of the elements and forms of nature, stamped in their nanquins, watercolors, prints, photographs and other media. The attentive view this natural irregularity, giving rise to an ambiguous – delicate and aggressive – reframing of space, seeking to account for the overlap of conflicting movements of the human, space and time: the norm and deviation. This is how Marco focuses on various elements that overflow the landscape: The Mineral Kingdom, floating on “Mineralia” series; lightness and brutal architectural suspension in its “Desconcreto” space; wobbly lines, but you need the “Two” series and the elegant simplicity that protects the possible continuum between the eye and the object. However, it is striking throughout the aesthetic proposal of Marco Ribeiro, despite the variety of its themes, one uninterrupted: are invariably printed in their traces, marks wandering from the family of typography to your self-discovery as an artist.


Parallel event


The proposal “WALL” makes room for young artists of urban interventions to be made partially in interactivity with the audience, approaching the creative process.

Alerrandro Rodrigues graduated in Fine Arts at Faculdade de Artes Dulcina de Moraes. Since 2009 intervenes in the streets of Brasilia with various techniques using acrylic paint, posca pen and brush in freestyle. It is a member of the “Collective Urban Art”, whose goal is to unite urban art to market segments such as fashion and illustration, consciously and responsibly. He participated in the exhibition “Arte Radical” in Espaço ECCO in 2012, the largest exhibition of urban art that has already occurred in the Distrito Federal.


About the Gallery Gabinete de arte k2o

The gallery “Cabinet k2o Art” was created by its director Karla Osorio Netto in 2013, culminating long journey dedicated to the diffusion of contemporary art in Brasilia. For 15 years, she created and maintained the ECCO – Cultural Contemporary, largest and leading private institutional space dedicated only to contemporary art capital of Brazil.

direct way to collaborate in the integration of contemporary artists in the market and institutional scene. Favors the most innovative production in art, with temporary exhibitions program, promoting various languages ​​and techniques. Is Brazilian and foreign artists, focusing its action both nationally and internationally, including participating in art fairs. Supports research and innovative projects, also developing program of courses, lectures, partnerships with other spaces and institutions, and interventions in public space. It aims to stimulate curatorial production in projects with visitors and curators residencies. In addition to the headquarters in Brasilia SCS has exhibition space in the South Lake and office in Sao Paulo. It also operates in the secondary market.



Exhibition: MARCO  RIBERIO

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