About the exhibition and the event

Naura Timm solo exhibition brings together paintings, sculptures and recent objects (most of it shown for the first time) produced in hybrid materials. Her artworks that evoke the depth and viscerality of this great character of the arts, based in Brasilia for more than 30 years whose work is strongly influenced by spirituality and transcendence in various forms. The show alto includes some historical works such as paintings and sculptural objects.

In parallel, the group of Brasilia “Corpos Informáticos” (Informatic Bodies)  will present installation and wall panels on the KOMBEIROS series The group will also launch its first photographs edition of the series. This participation includes new edition of VITRINE and MURO projects.


About the exhibition

“Naura – Ample and Plural” is the first solo show of the artist at the gallery “Cabinet of Art k2”, it gathers significant group of her work created by 50-year career, including painting, assemblage, drawing, sculptures and objects. One of the most important brazilian artists of his generation, emerged from Brasilia art scene, in which resides since the sixties, coming from Porto Alegre, where she was a student of Iberê Camargo. It addresses various issues from consumer culture to the deep spirituality and commitment to social issues. Her work is forceful and visionary, is mystical, critical, poetic and real.

The painting is her primary means of expression, but  she works in various media, creating hybrids of painting and sculpture, design and printing, collage, broderies and brocades in works that combine mundane and worship universes. We can say that assemblages in sculpture and painting are materialized in masterly compositions of this pioneer artist, whose visceral and authentic art  mixes to life fully, with her inseparable.

Her “studio-home” ambiance is pure art, living proof of the how deeply art consumes and nourishes her daily. The visit marks indelibly plunging the visitor in another layer. The exhibition seeks to convey some of her immense creative energy. For the first time it will be presented the “Radharanas” striking life-size figures, ethereal deities, accompanied by soft “angels-ghosts.” Some works shine with beads and adornments, pay tribute to the spirit, remember Dada or surreal objects. Sometimes it suggests mysterious hieroglyphics, generate textile intricate modeling or fantastic creatures specimens created with roots. All invite to contemplation and to meditative attention. Old and new three-dimensional drawings and paintings dialogue, an almost endless process. Movies and audio help to appreciate this unique universe, sometimes with disturbing themes, always absolutely current. Influenced by expressionism, Naura also brings structural innovation, thematic daring and creative obsession. She deserves recognition as a landmark of national art. Her work is beyond clichés and simple qualifications, generates ressonance of her universe ample and plural!


About the artist Naura Timm

Naura lives and works in Brasilia. She studied at the Arts Center of UFSM-RS and the Brazilian Institute of Arts. Graduated at Parque Lage School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, was a student at the Iberê Camargo studio. She participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions such as: National Museum of the Dominican Republic; art galleries in New York (2012); National Museum of the Republic and the House of Latin America in Brasilia-DF etc. She launched the book “Voz do Coração (Voice of the Heart)” (2013). She uses several techniques in her  works, from lithography, engraving drawing, sculpture, painting, wall and poetry. Winning awards such as: Contemporary Art Award Brasilia – Iate Clube (2011) and the Award “Artist Prefered” – Saatchi Gallery (2012). Her work includes several private and public collections both in Brazil and abroad, including Cartier Foundation (France).


Parallel event


The VITRINE and MURO projects have the group of artists “Corpos Informáticos” (Informatic Bodies) research group in contemporary art, founded in Brasilia in 1991, under Bia Medeiros leadership who was contemporary of Naura Timm at Parque Lage School / RJ. The group works with photography, urban composition, performance, webart, video art, it also organize events, write articles and books. The concepts are multiples such as “fuleragem, lance, mar(ia-no sha)me, pronóia, iteration, volution”. Current artists include: Ayla Gresta, Bia Medeiros, Bruno Corte Real, Diego Azambuja, Gustavo Silvamaral, João Stoppa, Maria Eugenia Matricardi, Mariana Brites, Mateus de Carvalho Costa, Matheus Opa, Natasha Albuquerque, Romulo Barros, Thiago Marques, Zmário (José Mário Peixoto).

Corpos Informáticos held in 2011: ” mar(ia-no sha)me ” (6/150 m), the most extensive and enduring urban intervention artistic group of the Federal District, whose video art won the first prize in the 1o Prêmio no Salão do Pará 2013 also held the “Kombeiro” set consists of 7 Kombis one of which is placed in the gardens of exhibition space. Three large wall panels will be exhibited accompanied by new edition of three fine art photographs with limited edition, launched in the event.


Cabinet of Art k2o

The gallery “Cabinet k2o Art” was created by its director Karla Osorio Netto in 2013, culminating long journey dedicated to the diffusion of contemporary art in Brasilia. For 15 years, she created and maintained the ECCO – Cultural Contemporary, largest and leading private institutional space dedicated only to contemporary art capital of Brazil.

It collaborates in the integration of contemporary artists in the market and institutional scene. Favors the most innovative production in art, with temporary exhibitions program, promoting various languages and techniques. Is Brazilian and foreign artists, focusing its action both nationally and internationally, including participating in art fairs. Supports research and innovative projects, also developing program of courses, lectures, partnerships with other spaces and institutions, and interventions in public space. It aims to stimulate curatorial production in projects with visitors and curators residencies. In addition to the headquarters in Brasilia SCS has exhibition space in the South Lake and office in Sao Paulo. It also operates in the secondary market.



Exhibition: Naura Timm
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