Galeria Karla Osorio presents a solo exhibition “POÉTICAS DA IMPERMANÊNCIA”, by Bené Fonteles
Gallery 4, 5 and 6 Pavilions II and III
Opening, Saturday, 13 August 2022, brunch, 10am-3pm

Galeria Karla Osorio presents the solo exhibition ‘POÉTICAS DA IMPERMANÊNCIA’ by artist Bené Fonteles, which will open on Saturday, August 13, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, with the presence of the artist.
The exhibition brings together 25 works, almost all of them unpublished, the result of the artist’s recent research and production since he lived in the interior of Minas Gerais, where he has lived for almost 3 years, near Poços de Caldas. Nature has always been present as an essential element of its production for over 50 years. This element is further reinforced here with works built as homages to the trees themselves. In all of them, matter and time are present in a symbiosis that is essential, in the dense and splendid work of the artist.

About the exhibition – Testimony by Bené Fonteles
“Poéticas da Impermanência” is a collection of works in which time and matter dialogue with remnants of nature such as wood from a tree felled by lightning near my house and to which I associate bones, shells and marine corals, the indigenous object for tip blowpipes, gourds, wires, nails from train tracks and old colonial doors, iron pipes, used sandpaper and other materials, all arranged on paper made of vegetable fibers.
There is good humor in the series “Impermanência” with the plastic multiples of the works “Bichos” by Lygia Clark that are pressed on a background and glass on pure cotton threads that will make an analogy with her inter-relational work “Baba Antropofágica”. There is in the works the immense pleasure of making almost visual poems with objects in which the passage of time by rust, wear and other effects instigate me and provoke the search for harmony and beauty to celebrate my creative joys»

About the artist (1953, Bragança-PA)
He lives and works between Brasília and Caldas (MG). He is a visual artist, journalist, editor, writer, poet and composer. He started his career in 1971, participating in the 3rd National Salon of Plastic Arts of Ceará. Since then, he has moved between art and craft, basing his work on the transformation of simple and often fragile materials, natural or little worked by man, such as stones, pieces of logs, ropes, rustic fabrics, wires, among others. Five times he participated in the Bienal de São Paulo, with emphasis on the 32nd edition, with the project Ágora: OcaTaperaTerreiro, invited by Julia Rebouças, as well as the Panorama de Arte Atual Brasileira at MAM de SP and experimental shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art. from USP. From his solo exhibitions, the exhibitions “Shrouds” at the Contemporary Cultural Space – ECCO in Brasília, “Audiovisuals” and “Terra” held at the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, “Bené Fonteles” at Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro can be highlighted. and several others. It is also present in private collections and in several public and institutional collections in cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Belém, Cuiabá, Paris and New York. In addition to his authorial work as a visual artist, he has organized and published several books and catalogs on artists such as Rubem Valentim, Mario Cravo Neto, Athos Bulcão, etc. He does curatorship and expography projects in visual arts. He was director of the UFMT Museum of Art and the Brasília Museum of Art and received the Order of Cultural Merit from the Ministry of Culture and the Presidency of the Republic.

About Karla Osorio Gallery
Created in 2016, the Karla Osorio gallery works to insert contemporary artists in the market and in the institutional scene. It favors the most innovative production in art, with a program of temporary exhibitions that promotes various languages ​​and techniques. Represents Brazilian and foreign artists. It participates in art fairs in several countries, being the only gallery in Brasília in some of the best fairs in the world in cities such as Basel, Chicago, Mexico, Miami, New Delhi, New York, Punta (Uruguay), in addition to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, among others. It supports innovative research and projects, has a program of courses, lectures, partnerships with other spaces and institutions, as well as interventions in the public space. It develops projects with visiting curators and offers an artistic residency with a studio, in a privileged space. It also operates in the secondary market. In addition to the headquarters in Brasília with ample exhibition space in Lago Sul, with pavilions and an outdoor area with gardens, it has an office in São Paulo.
– “POÉTICAS DA IMPERMANÊNCIA” solo by Bené Fonteles Galerias 4, 5, 3 and 6 Pavilions II and III
Opening: Saturday, August 13, between 10am-3pm. Visitation until September 26, Friday
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Respecting preventive measures of the pandemic: limited number of visitors, mandatory use mask obligatory.

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