Karla Osorio Gallery presents solo exhibition


Curated by Bené Fonteles

Opening Monday, August 23, 2021 10am-7pm, by appointment – Galleries 1, 2 and 3, Pavilion I

by appointment via DM instagram, whatsapp or email.

About the exhibition

Curator Bené Fonteles says that “for several decades the work of Helena Lopes has been a seminal reference for the art made in Brasilia due to the extraordinary contribution of her graphic work engraved on the terrifying material paintings to the delicate installations. The aesthetic and conceptual questions it raises are based on unusual technical procedures and developed with rare and original craftsmanship combined with great experimental freedom. Use the various supports reflecting on what comes from the impermanence of natural elements and what becomes of them: perenniality. Mature aesthetics are established not only by its poetic coherence and conciseness, but by what it expands in consciousness by broadening a new horizon of contemporaneity. In it his provocative work is inscribed and daring. Although the so-called Brazilian art does not yet recognize all real and great importance of her vast and original trajectory in Helena. The artist reframes and enhances the materials that delight them and are a challenge to the almost inscriptions on the various language contributions she uses. And for his works to go beyond what they are as objects, there is a transcendent and transversal desire for poetry. The works in frayed fabrics where the textures and weaves seem to show on intense blues and whites, the soul of matter while revealing at the same time that the having of the impermanent does not only want to eternalize itself, but to BE. Her creative process makes her a rare artist who is fully aware of what it means to be an educator of perception and sensory senses. Helena expands us by making us unlimited beings before her Art, which makes us accomplices of memories and affections. The works do not only want the horizon of contemplation. They ask for a nudity of touch and provocative tact that nourishes each work. Even framed, the work asks, breathlessly, for the participation of the totality and grandeur of a silent gesture. It breathes the lightness of a sensual affection that evokes the feminine presence that flows from matter”.

About Helena Lopes

Born in São Paulo, 1941. A multi-talented artist, Helena Lopes is a printmaker, draftswoman, painter and is always open to experiments with materials and shapes that generate magnificent textures and volumes. Fabric, paints and yarns are materials present in his work, which is part of important collections in São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Brasília and Essex, in England. In 1984, she was at the Faculdade de Artes de Brasília and, since then, she participated in exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Lisbon and Colchester. Helena Lopes has lived in Brasília since 1974, and is the founder and curator of Atelier Helena Lopes, a space for in-person and remote experiences for artists and those interested in art in general.


Deconstruction, 2006. Polyptych. Strips with acrylic paint on paper mounted on acrylic. 90 x 188 cm (Depth varies between 3 and 7 cm)


Delicacies in Silence, .2011. Collage on rice paper. 45 x 79 cm


Experiences Graphics Series 1, 2006. Acrylic and neutrol painting on rice paper. 90 x 61 cm