Galeria Karla Osorio presents a solo exhibition
“SOME MAGIC WORDS”, by Paulo Lobo
Gallery 4 and 5 Pavilion II
Opening, Saturday, October 1, 2022, brunch, 11am-3pm

Galeria Karla Osorio presents the solo exhibition “ALGUMAS PALAVRAS MÁGICAS” by artist Paulo Lobo, which will open on Saturday, October 1st, between 11 am and 3 pm, with the presence of the artist and curator Rafael Vogt Maia Rosa. of 30 works 40 works by the artists, most unpublished and some in very large format for exhibition in an outdoor area.

About the exhibition See below a brief curatorial text by Rafael Vogt Maia Rosa
Paulo Lobo’s work is obstinate in transforming the traditional support of painting – chassis, canvas – into something that also breaks with its endemic frontality. A bit like Marcello Nietsche or Nelson Leirner, in the 1960s, he discovered that this rupture – which one can also associate with the passage from the modern to the contemporary – has a much less problematic and prosaic aspect when viewed in the open, where the fixity and the calculated strokes of the brush, more or less successful, are as if torn apart by the wind.
As he is also a draughtsman, he rehearses on “smaller” canvases, a superficial, subtle upheaval, which can refer both to the critical character of São Paulo production, such as the emulations of manual work in the academy, and to the production of artists such as Janaína Tschäpe or Cecile Brown, practically in the form of a tribute. He plays with notions of scale, style, at the same time that he presents us with the theme of politics from two instances that are perhaps closer, as never before, nowadays. One, the saddest abject, is the covert murder of journalist Vladmir Herzog, a fact against which each of us is now obliged to take a stand. The other instance is the only way to deal with the country’s violence and singularities. Through it, we are displaced, in the capital of Brazilian public art, as spectators of a poetics sedimented by risk and play, simultaneously. Thus, instead of being paralyzed and powerless, this show produced and curated by the artist implies an ethical dimension, based on the eminent need for participation. How to vote.
Paulo believes in signs and ephemeris, in moments of celebrating a spiritual achievement or a “great idea” that crossed his mind. There is figuration, certainly, without realism or engagement. Its articulations welcome a “congenial” primitivism, in the reluctance to embrace the structure given by the European or North American canon. It seems to ask, first of all, if the painting is really worth the nail that sustains it, as challenged by Antônio Dias.
Which translates to something that sensitizes us physically and mentally and, at the same time, reveals a crystalline perception of change itself. Under what conditions do fissures open up in the solid ground of languages ​​such as literature, music, theatre, painting, installation or video?
Paulo’s work only agrees with this chance to escape the opaque fatalism of the matter, the bet on a single solution, which ends up extinguishing the process, as in the unfortunate joke that lets us know “the operation was a success and the patient died” . He sustains himself by the hope of those who have already survived.”

about the artist
Paulo Lobo (1990, SP, Brazil) Graduated in visual arts from FAAP (2015). He was an assistant to the artist Nuno Ramos (2015-2017), with whom he held 3 major exhibitions-Houyhnhnms (Estação Pinacoteca 2015), The Right to Laziness (CCBB BH 2016) and O Globo da morte de tudo (Sesc Pompeia 2016). He founded the São Paulo studio in 2017 in the Cambuci neighborhood, São Paulo, where he started his authorial work. Today the studio has 11 artists in a space of 700m2. In 2018 he was assistant to artist Janaina Tschape on a large mural for SESC Guarulhos. In 2020 he moved to Itatiba, where he began to build a new way of working: outdoors, exploring large scales, expanded forms and interactions in search of other limits.
In 2020 he started the dramaturgy project Um Pássaro Sings, finished and printed in 2021. The book brings 5 ​​dramaturgies that start from visual series developed at the São studio. Currently, it is divided between the São Atelier, the Chão Atelier in Itatiba and site specific works for the space of the FAMA Museum São Pedro, in Itú. He participated in the collective Do sagrada e do profano, at the Karla Osorio gallery (Brasília, June / 2021, curated by Fernando Mota). He has a large-format pictorial installation “A Tempestade” (2021) at the Caiman ranch in the Pantanal. He participated in the recently opened exhibition Térrea in the São Atelier exhibition room.
With multidisciplinary research, Paulo Lobo starts from his relationship with the support of painting to enter and explore the fields of sculpture, literature, video, action and photography within their potential for joint construction and the political possibility of contact between them.

About Karla Osorio Gallery
Created in 2016, the Karla Osorio gallery works to insert contemporary artists in the market and on the institutional scene. It favors the most innovative production in art, with a program of temporary exhibitions that promotes various languages ​​and techniques. Represents Brazilian and foreign artists. It participates in art fairs in several countries, being the only gallery in Brasília in some of the best fairs in the world in cities such as Basel, Chicago, Mexico, Miami, New Delhi, New York, Punta (Uruguay), in addition to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, among others. It supports innovative research and projects, has a program of courses, lectures, partnerships with other spaces and institutions, as well as interventions in the public space. It develops projects with visiting curators and offers an artistic residency with a studio, in a privileged space. It also operates in the secondary market. In addition to the headquarters in Brasília with ample exhibition space in Lago Sul, with pavilions and an outdoor area with gardens, it has an office in São Paulo.
Service: Exhibition
“SOME MAGIC WORDS” solo by Paulo Lobo
Location: Galleries 4 and 5 Pavilion II
Opening: Saturday, October 1st, between 11am-3pm Visitation until November 28th. Monday – Friday, 09:00-18:30 | Saturday 9am to 2pm
After the opening, visitation is only with prior appointment by phone, DM on instagram or whatsapp.

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