For the first time a brazilian gallery participates at India Art Fair.
Presenting six artists from different generations and varied esthetics highlighting constructivism and minimalism, the dialog between light, color, geometry and visual poetry.
The brazilian artists Almandrade (1953), Estela Sokol (1979), Galeno (1957), Ricardo Homen (1961), Sergio Fingermann (1955) and the surinamese/american Roland Gebhardt (1939) are the selected ones for this special event.
Almandrade’s works is one of the few still productive artists bound to the brazilian scene of the 70’s, being a direct heir from the neo-concrete movement and inspired by semiotics, which he first helped diffusing in Brazil; Sergio Fingerman focus on painting and engraving with a mature gesture being one of the greater from his generation; Galeno’s oil on wood paintings and sculptures are based in his own story. With colors, social and poetic concerns, he creates its own universal language;  Ricardo Homen explores color and geometric forms, with oil paint and wood in a unique way, to create strong intimate pieces fusioning painting and sculpture;  Estela Sokol deals mainly with materials, she creates sculptures and paintings like assemblages or collages with matter itself. Her research explores it deeply, to deal with its density and strength generating artworks quite subtle, clumsy, delicate and mysterious and Roland Gebhardt  is already a historic minimalist artist, almost at his 80’s he still produces a lot always pursuing a more than 50 years long research about the “semantics of the void” exploring variations with materials such as aluminum, wood, paper, marble, stone. Math, geometry and philosophy are his main inspiration in the creation of a strong and new minimalism which creates a proper language, a new vocabulary to be revealed.

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Roland Gebhardt
0229-3D Drawings | 0229-Desenhos 3D
Lanaquarelle paper and black matte acrylic paint
50 x 100 x 2,54 cm

Booth D3

NSIC Exhibition Grounds
Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi

Friday, February 9th
Select Preview 11 am – 3 pm | VIP Preview 3 – 5 pm | Vernissage 5 – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday, February 10th & 11th
Public hours 2 – 8 pm
Monday, February 12th
Public hours 11 am – 8 pm